My Chicken Curry

Not very authentic but comforting.

You will need

Around 1 kilo of chicken thigh pieces, diced

2 tbs oil

i med onion

1 clove garlic

2 tsps curry powder (any kind, but I favour a mild one for this dish)

1 green apple (granny smith or sturmer is good), peeled and diced

1 cup chicken stock (made from stock powder is fine)

1/4 cup sultanas or other dried fruit

1 tin of coconut milk (low fat is fine)

Brown the chicken pieces in half the oil until they have changed colour. Remove from the pan and replace with the garlic, onion, and the rest of the oil. When the onion is beginning to brown add the apple, stir, then add the curry powder. Cook for a couple of minutes, then put the chicken back in the pan and add the stock and the dried fruit.

Bring back to the boil then simmer for around 30 mins. The longer you keep it after this the better it will be (but store it in the fridge if it's more than another 30 mins or so!). When you're ready to serve, add the coconut milk and reheat carefully.

Serves 4 over rice, with a fresh tomato salad.