My favourite pasta sauce.

It's a hit-or-miss, what's-in-the-fridge kind of thing, but it's always good.

You need

some salami (pepperoni is especially good)

some bacon

some onion (half a small one is enough for one, or a large spring onion)

crushed clove of garlic

Chop all these quite small and sizzle until the vegies have softened in the fat from the meat. Then add

chopped red capsicum (1/4 for each person)

chopped mushrooms (2-3 small ones for each person)

chopped green pepper (1/4 for each person)

chopped broccoli

chopped whatever else you've got.

Add them and sizzle until they are limp.

Add 1/2 tin of chopped or crushed tomatoes per person. I like the ones with tomato paste added, then you'll need to add some water. If you only have regular chopped tomatoes, add some tomato paste.

At this point I add about one tbs per person of my home-made pesto when I have it, and shop-bought when I don't. Or none if I don't have any. Simmer it all for a bit - 5 mins or so, or until your pasta is ready.

Finally, add about 6 chopped kalamata olives per person. I like to buy them with the stones in and take the stones out just before I add them. YMMV.

Serve pasta covered with sauce and grated parmesan.