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I love your new yarn. It certainly will make a beautiful something.


Awww, thanks! I've committed to the job but I haven't actually really started, uh, "managing" yet. I'm still in training, as far as I'm concerned. I feel comfortable in the knitting section but there's still a lot of the shop's products and services that I know nothing about. (And frankly, if I never heard the word "Hardanger" again I'll be happy.) But if anybody has any suggestions at all, please let me know. I've already pitched to the owner the need for a bulletin board where we can post details of the various knitting groups meeting around Sydney. (I've been directing folks to SSK, M-H!) And some sort of an e-mail newletter is definitely in order so we can keep everyone informed about our yummy new arrivals...


I've got some nice lace patterns coming in the mail - peacock feathers shawl (fiddlesticks)/leaf lace shawl/baltic sea stole (both fibretrends??) cause I'm in a bit of alace mood as well. Will bring them along to the next SSK and you can have a little look and borrow if you want.


Your weekend away sounded womderful. Ian and I are planning a trip to Sydney next year. You'll have to show us the sights. I haven't been to Oz since 1988... methinks it's changed somewhat since then!!! Have fun.


Lovely new wool from Peter. What brand is it?

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