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Gosh. I'm somewhat gobsmacked. Thanks for the update. From this description Guild reformation is going to be a bit of a slog.


Thanks for all the support yesterday.

Everywhere I go to knit in Sydney, I meet lovely, kind, generous people. And I've met a lot just like that in the Guild.

But it also seems to gather the petty, the nasty, the bullies and the downright rude; people who in other organisations I've belonged to would be asked to leave.

We'll do our best but don't expect miracles.


Day one and already scalps have been taken - if you thought "Rats in the Ranks" was a tale of political dealings and devious practices in the sate of NSW it pales in comparison to the machinations of "The K Guild".


I filled in their online survey and made some fairly pointed remarks too. Survey was badly planned and not well executed. Particularly mentioned the need for multiple online methods of payment, online library catalogue etc. I suggested an advertising/marketing person was needed so such things were attractive and well thought out. Much of the survey was disconnected and appeared to be a series f "good questions" of various people.


Ouch, Jan. Please don't shoot the messenger/webmaster! I've done the best I can within the constraints of the group. It's not my fault they made me add "password-protected" to every single survey option. :(


Hi Kris, apologies if that's how you took what I said. meant , for example that some of their questions could easily have had multiple answers. No option for this was given. Checking one answer unchecked the previous one. It was this sort of thing I was alluding to. Not the techie, web-savvy side of things but plain commonsense in the drawing up of the questions. You've heard the saying that "a camel is a horse made by a committee?" It seemed that the survey had an input by anyone who wanted it and all insisted their question had to be included. The thing did not flow and had little logic behind it to find what was really needed. Again, my apologies. I'm sure you did what you could with the material you were given. that's why I suggested advertising/marketing side of things, not webmaster.

To me, those sandwiches mentioned correlate with the image of the guild which I have. I'm no spring chicken, I'm a grandmother of 5 and facing many changes and challenges in my life now, but I realise the way forward involves embracing change. The guild needs to see this too as an entity or it will shrivel up and wither away.


Guild? Marketing? Actually, Kris has a marketing qualification (I think...? certainly lots of experience), but it's not possible for her to exercise her professional judgment on this website. As in so many other matters, amateur knowhow trumps professional advice in the guild.


"As in so many other matters, amateur knowhow trumps professional advice in the guild."

Doesn't it just show!


Heh. No marketing qualifications at all, M-H. My degree is in Communications (Film & Theater), if you can believe it. :)

If anyone is interested, here's how the Guild site used to look before I took over: 2003, 2004. So even though we're not necessarily at the level we want to be at now, we're a heck of a lot better than we used to be.


Argh! Typepad stripped my links. Here they are again:

2003 - http://web.archive.org/web/20030904234614/http://knittersguildnsw.org.au/

2004 - http://web.archive.org/web/20040610002259/http://knittersguildnsw.org.au/


I liked the President's report on the 2003 website:
"We carried out an extensive survey and found there is a great need for this website etc etc"


Wow, that doesn't sound good at all. I'll be very interested to hear what happens...

Gae Fenske

Have seen this scenario so often, especially around the 20 - 25 year 'survival' of the club, guild, whatever. The 'survivors' of the founders are still around, and depending on personality, can develop the Regimental Sergeant Major persona. And whatever was good enough for the founders of the group, should be good enough for the newbies.


Intersting insight, Gae. I have a feeling this is part of the problem.


I agree with Gae. The Guild 25 yrs ago was quite progressive, but it has sadly been allowed to stagnate. The great thing is new people with fresh ideas are pouring into the ranks. It won't happen in 12 months, but it will be achieveable in 24.


I found it particularly enlightening that two of the commitees appeared to have completely failed to achieve any of the objectives for which it existed, but they appeared oblivious to it, and appeared to be blaming the members for their apathy.

The sandwiches didn't bother me, although they were uberdaggy. It's only one meal a year. Next year we should eschew the sandwiches and go for yum-cha instead.

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