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You have to do another test? In my case, it took 17 months from 1st application to citizenship ceremony.


No further test, but I would have to wait months for another ceremony, apparently. I hadn't realised it took you so long.


Well, I want you to be able to vote in the next election! Do you have to have your citizenship ceremony in your local area? Is there a kind of generic Sydney one? Though it would be nice to have a ceremony, is it possible to do it 'in absentia' (like graduation)?


It's not possible to do it 'in absentia' - if there were I would be doing it; I have no wish to go through the ceremony which I don't see at all like a graduation. A degree is something you earn through personal hard work and application; citizenship just comes to you if you have lived somewhere long enough, don't break the law, pass a literacy test and pay some money. And you do have to attend the ceremony in your local govt area. Someone else I know waited only 3 months in Randwick area last year. It's not fair!



In my haste to have you vote in the next election I wrote rather thoughtlessly. The only similarity between citizenship and graduation I meant to suggest was the possibility of doing it 'in absentia'(which, it seems, is not a similarity after all). I agree absolutely that citizenship should not be associated with notions of reward.

To go off on a bit of a tangent - the change in the rhetoric of Oz politics in the month I've been away has astonished me. We (I'm conflating myself with Australia here!) are in real need of voters who are able to make thoughtful, considered choices - a category in which I'm clearly including you.


A bit of communication with you would have been good. I wonder if the long delay is because of the population mix in your municipality? Lots of people doing the same thing. That doesn't excuse the laxness in communication.


I feel your pain, or more accurately, I'm about to feel your pain. I'm a UK resident of 55 years(!) but have begun to notice a kind of low level harassment of anyone who isn't a citizen when we renew our passports. I'm talking, trying to DENY MY AUS BORN DAUGHTER A PASSPORT just cos I'm a resident and her Dad's a citizen but wasn't when she was born. FFS PEOPLE. Yes, having lived here and paid taxes for several decades of course I have only had her as a ploy to stay in the country.
Of course this doesn't improve my attitude to the imminent citizenship application (more like bah! Humbug! Why am I wanting to be a member of THIS club!) Idiot govt.


Sorry, "UK resident" should read "Australian resident" (born in the UK, not a cit, but it didn't matter when I was young b/c we were all from the Pink Bits on the Map.


Helen, a friend of mine has four boys born here. She is an NZ citizen and her partner (not husband) is a UK citizen. There is continuing confusion about the boys' rights to Aus passports, although they can get NZ or UK ones very easily. Presently they are all NZ citizens, even though they've never been there. It's just mad!

Susan in HK

I will be submitting my Australian Temporary Residency Visa on April 23rd! It's taken me at least 6 months to get all of the paperwork together. And it's EXPENSIVE! But so worth it to be able to reside in the same country as my partner. The US is still treating same-gender couples as poison...


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