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all within a short work of my office

A very happy turn of phrase.


We used to call first years Freshers back when I was in uni... so it's not that new.


Freshers, maybe. Freshmen, noo!!!


we have campos on our campus now, which makes me a very happy girl. ive never heard anyone use any variation of freshmen etc, not since i first stepped foot on a campus in 87. its just WRONG!


This is my first year in eight that I'm not on a campus for O'week, 'Fresher spotting (they were always 'freshers in Otago and at Vic). Not Freshmen, freshers. Freshmen is just so wrong.

I hope you've managed to avoid most of the chaos and here's wishing you a saner week next week.


I leave and good food options show up on campus! Not fair!! :)


Where's the Subway? - asks one of the 45,000 who does go to class (sorry, but I am a mature-age" student) and wanting some un-pre-packaged food!! (looking around desperately)


The subway is in the Jane Foss Russell Building, in the corner of the big area with the sculpture that looks like a tank. But there are plenty of other non-prepacked options - I tell you when I ese you.

Susan in HK

At least they didn't say "frosh"!!! I think that is the Americanization of the Americanisation, M-H!!!


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