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The secrecy is idiotic. We can't discuss KG on Rav or blogs or twitter, because it's not fair, most members can't join in. But the AGM can't be discussed outside the room, so members who couldn't attend have no idea what happened.
Fairly typical display of hypocrisy by some members of the outgoing executive.


I think if you're looking for logic, Donna, you've gone to the wrong place.

Grandma Flea

So what will happen if you DO discuss it? Will you be expelled for bringing the Guild into disrepute? You'd be in good company - they talked about doing that to me .... But, if what is SAID brings the Guild into disrepute, surely it is the actions under discussion that are disreputable - ergo, those who undertook said actions should be expelled, not the discussers - if you get my drift :-)

I say discuss on - with a new committee you are hardly going to be an option.

Whatever happened to free speech in a democracy?


Ordered? Did you all have to sign an agreement not to talk about proceedings? As a member who was unable to attend, due to work committments, I want to know what happened. Not a sanitised version, the warts and all version. This whole "you shall not talk about secret guild business" is a load of baloney. I'm going through similar issues at work. It's not in my best interest to keep silent, it's in the bosses.


Hi Mary-Helen

I just went through your description of 2009 AGM, comments and Kris' account. Things may be changing for the better. However, it will take another year to get a workable majority, at the moment there could still be some obstruction. I had the strong feeling on Sat. that a lot of people had no idea what had happened, let alone why others were so upset. Dark mutterings. It was great to see the ex Pres contradicted by Kate over the returning officer motion.

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