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Jenny Hart

Sounds like quite an ordeal. I was just reading about this "carrier-caused delay" problem this morning (http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/letters-cost-of-missed-connections-20110518-1esu9.html). Sending good vibes that the rest of the trip is hassle-free!


Oh dear, what a drama. Fingers crossed for a fantastic trip.


1970 - first trip to Hamburg with Ernst and two littlies. Son 3 1/2, daughter 1 1/2.
Landing at Karachi, wheels picked up a stone off the goat track described as a runway.
Transit lounge bare and stark, facilities very so-so. Lufthansa did their best with drinks. We derived some entertainment from the Military Gent guarding the door. Complete with sub-machine gun (bigger than he was) and skinny legs in Bombay Bloomers.
Twelve hours later we were on our way again.
The littlies were amazingly good.
And that was not the Worst Stopover on that trip - that prize would have to go to the toilets at Bangkok - which looked as though they had been overflowing for a week......

Gae, in Callala Bay

Ailsa Daly

Flight delays that have knock on effects are really horrible. You will get there ...


yeouch! Hope the rest of your journey is trouble free!

Kitties send meows and headbutts :o)

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