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Lara Nettle

Wow. Amazing story.

I watched the 4 corners story, and I really identified for the mothers. At least I know what happened to my babies, feeling that you have been lied to and deceived, and never knowing must be even more devastating.

The sad thing is, there will never be justice...

Lara Nettle

"with" the mothers. The gin is clearly taking a toll...


I, too, am adopted. I admit that I have never wanted to find my birth mother, but I also sometimes wish I could find an anonymous way to let her know that I'm OK, just in case it's something she wishes she knew.

Emily Dibdin

Thanks for all that, M-H, I've just trogged round the nether reaches of your blog (from before I was reading) as well as the other links you add. Thanks.


I'm sitting here in tears, having read your post about your visit to Nan in 2004 and finding your mother's missal. I don't know what to say really.

Ailsa Daly

I didn't know that you were adopted. It would be very interesting to see a study on 'closed stranger adoption' in australia. My first boyfriends mother was raised by her aunt, called her mum - always knew but never acknowledged her real mother was her younger aunt. Even on the birth mothers deathbed she did not acknowledge her daughter. my flatmate in the 80's was the daughter of the 'girl up the road' who gave her baby to the nice couple from the street. My mum tells me stories of quite a few of her friends whose mothers raised their children and just pretended they were siblings. If in my small experience I can tick at least 5 off the top of my head, can you imagine how many there must be?

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