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I'm still here! And thinking of you. I figured that you were in the midst of thesis-finishing, and very, very occupied with Getting It Done. I hope it all goes well in these last few weeks,

Vanessa Dang

Oh wow - the person who is selling Sandra's house is a friend's brother! Good luck with the Auction, and sorry to hear about Sandra's mum...

But hooray for getting closer towards finishing your PHD! :D


Maybe you've got to give yourself a bit of space too. There is a lot going on for you (and this is just what you've written about in this entry). The thoughts will still be composting happily in your head and when you've something significant to say, or when you've the headspace to say something that you want to say, you'll be back.

Like the other posts, I do hope it all moves along OK. You're very close to a whole load of things now. On the downhill slide now.

Lara Nettle

Thanks for the update - I feel so disconnected from everyone these days, it's nice to hear a bit of news :)

Congratulations about the PdD!

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