Witty Knitter 's original recipes

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Bean salad A traditional hippy dish

Best potato salad Classic, creamy, completely yummy

Vietnamese Prawn Salad More fresh flavours, sweet prawn meat

Vietnamese chicken salad All in one meal; great for a summer's day

Cowboy Breakfast Bacon, eggs, potato, tomato... all in one dish

Gadogado Sandra's favourite - crisp vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce

Sweet Spicy Vegetables My take on a curried vegetable dish

Lentil Soup Nothing like it on a cold winter's day - easy and filling

Mediterranean Lamb A change from the traditional roast leg

Old-fashioned Chicken Curry Wonderful warming comfort food

Modern Chicken Curry Fresh flavours, not hot

Thai-style chicken curry Fresh, creamy, with crisp vegetables

Thai Chilli Lime Chicken Fresh flavours, crisp vegetables

Pad Thai My take on the traditional Thai dish

Pasta Sauce Tomatoes, vegetables, olives. A regular on my dinner table

PotRoast Good old-fashioned hunk of protein in a tasty gravy

Crispy skin Salmon with Warm Potato Salad Easy, but as good as a restaurant meal

Lizzie's Grownup Toffee Coffee Icecre Fabulous for a special occasion

Sandra's Florentine Slice Out of this world - chocolate, dried fruit, crunch