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No it can't be true, you can't possibly be closer to my mother's age than mine! If a person's age could be guessed from the way they acted, you'd say that my mother was in her 90s and my brother in law, who's just a couple of years younger than you, is in his late 30s.

Good luck with the job. I find that steep learning curves are intimidating when I'm at the bottom but, once I'm on the way up, it's exhilarating.

Let's just hope that knitting knowledge isn't a finite resource that gets thinner as it spreads further out. Instead, maybe these new knitters will be curious enough to find out a little more and knit a second garment.


How can you be a Taurus (which I can believe you are*) with a birthday in June (May 28 + 1 week = June 4)?

* We Taurus are generally described as "Earth-mother" types. Actually, we're more likely to be straight-forward, practical and hard-headed. Mar, the Knitting Curmudgeon, is a Taurus. She's my role-model.


I think there is a real need for those who know about knitting to help the new knitters. With all the focus on easy and quick and mindless knitting, the knitting magazines and publishers just aren't filling that need anymore. So I'm especially grateful for Kim & Marilyn's blogs and some of the mailing lists that still provide good technical info.


I once had a woman INSIST that a fair isle that I was wearing (done in a rather tiny gauge) was machine knit. She told me that I was LYING, and that I had to have used a machine to make it. I stopped attending that guild.


Kniternet? Or Interknit??? The World Wide Weave, perhaps?


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