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Yes, it was interesting. I came out middle of the road - Democrats first, closely followed by Greens, closely followed by Liberals. Ooh, I must be heading right as I get older. Or I'm just a boring middle of the roader with no strong convictions. Thanks for the link.


I agree with my mother. Does being a democrat run in the genes?? I would vote for them if I thought they weren't self destructing....

Knitterly Notions

Well...I thought I'd be a Labor voter (not that I'm eligible to vote) but my views appear to be more aligned to the Democrats. And looking at the overall stats (what great survey results they've compiled) there's a pretty hefty proportion of others who *thought* they were ALP but, apparently, aren't!


I'm a Greenie through and through - that doesn't surprise me - and I'm eligible to vote despite not being a citizen (permanent resident on the electoral roll). The line on the citizenship application that says "proof of entry" gets me every time. In 1979 I just had to show my driver's license to get into the country.


I'm a democrat, which is unfortunate, since they probably won't exist as a party after the next federal election:

broad political orientation -51%, ‘Left’
economic policy -6.9%, ‘Centre’
social policy -58.6%, ‘Left’
traditional values -83.3%, ‘Far Left’


Very interesting site - thanks for the link. I'm even further left than I thought, and, like you, very much in accord with the Greens.

Adrian Phoon

Hey, interesting test! I ended up with stats similar to yours, though overall I'm more centrist.

I wonder if people out there were surprised by their results?

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