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Guelph isn't really cold and northern unless you are American. It is pretty far south in the Canadian scheme of things. But the rest of your description is spot on. Maybe you should check out Barb's Wild Geese Fibres site and then you might get visitors from someone really cold and northern.

OMG, I just noticed you have a reader in Moncton. I bet you don't know anything about Moncton :-)


I believe Guelph is roughly on the same parallel with me, perhaps even slightly to the south. It is fun to see where people are visiting from, though. I've actually had someone from Kazakhstan in the past 24 hrs!


It's cold and northern to me. On the university homepage there is a picture of the campus with snow oall over it.


Cold and agricultural is a pretty good description of Guelph. At least from where I am. Which is Guelph.

So now, of course, I'm wondering who all those other knitters in Guelph are...

Linda in Maine

Right now it's pretty cold in Maine. I'll tell you all about it if I see you when I get there!


I'm looking at the counter rolling by, and I'm not seeing my hometown listed. I suspect I'm one of the ones credited to Guelph.

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