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Thank you for the wonderful description and memory. "Still and patient"--I like that.


A beautiful obituary, thank you.


Don't you know some wonderful people? I particularly like your description that "she made her own life out of what she'd been given, which was bugger all".


Very sad. But uplifting at the same time. She sounds like an amazing woman. And someone who will be missed.


My deepest sympathies for you loss. That's a beautiful tribute to your friend, who sounds wonderful.


I am very sorry that you have lost another dear friend. Daphne sounds like she was quite a woman.
Peace to you.

Dawn on MDI

we have all lost a dear friend in Daphne. Thank you for a wonderful memory of her.


I am so sorry for your loss; your post about Daphne is beautifully written and such a tribute - she sounds like an amazing and wonderful person.

mike b

She touched so many souls. We are missing her, here in the U.S. (Maine) too.



It was nice to read your comments. I remember when Daphne went to vist you. She had such a wonderful time. She will be missed . Her's was a beautiful soul.
Kathy W... Brunswick, Maine, USA


Lovely and loving tribute...sorry for her loss in our world.

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