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Wow! Those are some exotic (from my perspective) birds :) And I love your herb garden -- there's nothing better than being able to cook with fresh herbs whenever you want.

Gae Fenske

And spiders are smart:

Because we live in a village in a rural setting, we have FLIES, therefore about 5 metres from both the back and front doors there are fly traps, filled with a revolting liquid (think carrion). For months one year we had a St Andrews Cross spider who built a web above and to one side of the fly trap at the back door (think shade-sail) and made a good living out of the 'traffic'.

Knitterly Notions

Yes, Gae is right, spiders ARE smart. For the last couple of weeks I've been entranced by a Garden Orb spider outside my back door. He builds his web every evening, close to one of our outdoor lights. His record is 10 catches in 10 minutes, as hapless moths and flies are drawn towards the light. But he then actually takes down his own web prior to sunrise; every morning he dismantles it all bar one foundation line, and trots off to some safer spot to rest to avoid being seen by those that might prey upon him. Clever thing.

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