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yes, what part of lying is not getting through your rather arrogant head Mr E? Sorry but respect for you flew out the window about 1/4 way through the 4 corners interview.

Legal Eagle

Yes, he seems to think that different rules apply to him. How can one be honest in the big things if you are habitually dishonest in the small things?


He even told the interviewer that her question was offensive when she asked if he were a dishonest man. When the interview took place he'd already been found guilty of perjury (though not sentenced) so a court had decided he was dishonest. Why shouldn't we? It was all rather bizarre as we're no nearer knowing why on earth he did it.


Definitely not on your own M-H.
He did it because he thought he could get away with it.

Gae Fenske

As Nana would have said:

"More hide than Jessie the Elephant".

Just about sums the 'good' Judge up, doesn't it?


Legal Eagle.

I disagree. Of Course it is possible to be dishonest about the little things while being honest about the big things. (Of course your bum doesn't look big in those jeans)

What I can't understand is that Einfield and other talk about lying on a Stat Dec being a little thing. It's not and it never was. That is why it is accepted as evidence.

Like most forms of corruption lying in this context starts off small and has the potential to grow without control. so don't start off small.


We heard an ad for it on NewsRadio in the morning, saying that ME said he wasn't a dishonest man. Hubby promptly said "A wealth of sermon illustrations right there!" How blind can you be?

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