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Grandma Flea

At least they didn't say she was a mother (grandmother) of 7 or whatever. How many times are prominent women defined by their reproductive status compared to men? (Rhetorical question:) - ironic what, given my Rav name - I plead lack of prominence!!!


Good one, M-H. With this particular comparison, I would also be reasonably sure that Malcolm Turnbull gave at least as much consideration to what he was wearing as Anna Bligh did.


If he was wearing pearls they would have been sure to mention it. :-)


Oh Yes and what about the "magazine" bit of last Sunday's - Sun Herald. One of the big articles was interviews with 3 "prominent" men all about what they looked for in a wife.

The other big article was on the new First Ladies - seemed mostly to be about how stylish Michelle Obama is. Yes, she is but she is many other things as well ...


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