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I've said it before, serve up shit and people will devour it. Sad, sad sad.


My tv aerial died over Easter. You're inspiring me to pay money and take the time to get it fixed. Really.


The producers actually came to the Snook's office to recruit geeks! I was trying to get him to volunteer so he could be a saboteur, but he wouldn't do it. (He never agrees to any of my schemes that involve potential televised humiliation.)


I'm acquainted with one of the geeks and it appears the producers have dressed them down for tv, as he looks normal in real life but some kind of rain man on the commercial. Surprise surprise again.


The ads looked so appalling. I'm pleased with Adele's comment, as it confirms my suspicion that the producers chose the clothes for the geeks and not the geeks themselves. Some of the stuff they were wearing ... oy vey!


But if they wanted female geeks, they'd have picked on librarians. Again.

Bitter? Moi?


Heh, they emailed Dr. Ben & a few of his colleagues requesting they audition. The reply one of the boys sent back was hilarious (but not fit for public replication)

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