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What? NO awkward speeches about graffiti and machine guns? You were ripped off!


Congratulations! So you'll be voting come the federal election...


goodonyamate! seriously tho, great story, and so glad you get to vote now! congratulations!

Emily Dibdin

Almost forgotten what I wanted to say after some typepad rigmarole...

Anyway, congrats, and if you couldn't have Sandra, LynS seems the very best sub you could have, and obviously enjoyed it almost as much as you!

Sally Ogilvie

As discoknitter pointed out, at my citizenship ceremony we were given a talk about graffiti and how it's good that Australian streets don't have soldiers patrolling with machine guns (as, I was advised, is the norm in London!). Not one word of welcome, just lots of boring stories (and prayers). In retrospect the whole occasion was really rather funny.


I *love* this story :-)

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