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Well, live and learn I suppose. I remember the stoush over patterns that you had with her and how rude she was. I haven't looked at that blog for a very long time. Something was odd about it and becoming odder indeed. Far too arty-farty and airy-fairy for my liking too, although the photography was very good, much better than anything I've produced. She appeared to be a knitter with expensive tastes, Habu etc. I wonder how much of that was true?

S. E.

Wow! I remember reading Black Dog Knits. I forgot all about it until I read your blog entry today. I guess I am naive when it comes to knitting blogs. I believed Nora at first but the more I read, the more I thought the entire blog was just off somehow. Weird to now know that I was right.

Suzanne Warren

I do remember her blog and all her stories about her brother being ill all the time. I think I also remember her blog being similar to 6.5 sts and thought it was very strange. Glad that she has been caught out.


Ha! I only just found out about this woman. I knew her casually when she was an adolescent. She truly did have a brother who was very ill, although I am a little sketchy on the details. I also understand she was married (married name Tanos) and at a dinner tonight with old friends, I learned that her mother has recently passed away, but that she also perpetuated the fraud by telling friends and neighbours within the Greek community, that her daughter was in med school. Anyhow, during the years where we had lost contact she was busy telling everyone how she grew up in this grand old house in Kensington and even drove people to the front of the house to show it off to them. Then somehow I became acquainted with someone who was a mutual friend of hers at the time and I eventually invited him to dinner at my home: yes, at the grand old house in Kensington. Well you can imagine he was gob-smacked, when he confirmed with me that I together with my family had lived in this very same house (where this imposter claimed to have grown up in) since 1968. This was in 1996/97 and she was then living the highlife at the Connaught Building opposite Hyde Park, posing as a psychologist and ripping people off to the tune of thousands; some of them high flying business men, including a QC who I will not name here. When finally our paths crossed in a mutual circle of friends, her cover was blown. This one needs to be put away in a maximum security psychiatric ward and can someone please lose the key.....


Actually she did get married but not to a doctor (got on the phone and just found out). Her married name was Tanos which was the name she was tried and found guilty under, the first time around. Her mother did die recently but helped perpetuate the fraud by telling everyone in the Greek community that her daughter was a med student/doctor. Nora even divised circulated a rumour about another friend in our circle, telling people that this person engaged in acts of bestiality.


lying filthy dogs!

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