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Not all prepaid orders have been sent out - I and at least one other person I know of have been sent unsolicited refunds because we dared to ask questions on the Ton of Wool Ravelry thread (in the Q & A section, no less). Apparently I was too "negative" and she only wanted positive comments and questions!

you bet it's left a bad taste.


I can't fathom HOW it was suddenly possibly to send out those last 50 orders unless a fair proportion were refunded instead. The yarn or fibre had to have ALL already have been dyed and ready to package and send (dyeing and drying is time consuming, particularly in Winter), which begs the question why it hadn't already been sent? Why was she holding on to it?
Really great project that has been extremely poorly executed.


I also received an unsolicited refund rather than the yarn I'd hoped to purchase, in my case for saying (10 months after paying my money and still with no yarn) that I was looking forward to getting the yarn & not dealing with ms.gusset again.

Bad taste is right - I'll never deal with ms.gusset again, and I'll certainly be a lot more cautious about any future crowdsourcing ventures I'm thinking of participating in.


I also had a very unpleasant experience with ms gusset about eighteen moths ago when I paid for two skeins that were never delivered (despite ever-increasing creative excuses ie "oh, I posted them but they were returned because the label got wet." I eventually got a refund after about four months, but was made to feel like I was a whinger and it was all my fault! Never again.

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