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Congratulations!! That's very exciting.


Congratulations, I hope the examiners say nice things.

Jonathan S

Congratulations! And Doctor, get well soon!


Great news, congratulations.


Congratulations. I do hope you feel better soon, asthma is no fun and you should be enjoying your new freedom!


Congratulations on this major achievement!

Janine Rizzetti

Well done!! I was just thinking that I hadn't 'heard' from you for a while, checked you out and lo and behold YOU'VE DONE IT! I've heard of so many people getting sick once they've submitted. Congratulations.

Hester Sturrock

Almost every one I know who has completed a PhD thesis ended up being very sick as soon as they turned in their thesis. I HOPE IT IS ACCEPTED WITH VERY MINOR EDITS and you can return to being a human being. Good for you for hanging in there this long with the darn thing. Best - Hester in Atlanta

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